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About the programme

The Model ASEAN Meeting programme is a new initiative by the ASEAN Foundation to target university and high school students to understand diplomacy and how decision-makers of ASEAN Member States address regional issues at the ASEAN Summit and other regional ASEAN meetings. The Model ASEAN Meeting programme is intended to provide comprehensive information on ASEAN, topics for simulation, and the tools for simulation activities.

The ASEAN Foundation is championing this new initiative to the young people, to provide students with a hands-on experience and better understanding of ASEAN affairs. Being an ASEAN organ under the ASEAN Charter, the ASEAN Foundation can offer an authentic experience of simulating ASEAN meetings.

The ASEAN Foundation has long work experience working with young people through collaboration with universities through the ASEAN Foundation Scholarship Programme. The ASEAN Foundation has experience in curriculum development gained through the organisation’s partnership with Microsoft in rolling out trainings for young micro-entrepreneurs.


The ASEAN Foundation initiates this programme by developing a guidebook/manual which is the tool to guide
the simulation process to understand ASEAN meetings. At the same time, the ASEAN Foundation will create a web portal embedded in its official website that can serve as a clearing house of Model ASEAN Meeting information.

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  • To promote students’ interest on diplomacy and how the decision makers of the ASEAN Member States address regional issues.
  • To teach students vital skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication through team work and leadership development.


A group of future young leaders in ASEAN who are outward looking, conscious of its history, cultural heritage and bound by a common regional identity developing networks to collaborate and work together.